Advertiser FAQ Frequently Asked Questions: Text Links, Online Ads, CPC...



  1. What makes text link ads different from other types of ads?

    Unlike even other text-based ads, like Adwords and other CPC (cost-per-click) ads, text links give you the dual benefit of attracting traffic directly through the links themselves, as well as increasing search engine rankings for general and targeted search terms, allowing you to get more traffic from searchers interested in your product or service. As such, text link ads straddle the divide between traditional advertising and off-page SEO (search engine optimization). Furthermore, the cost of our text link ads is not based on the number of impressions, clicks, or any other variable - they are paid at a flat monthly rate, based on the market value set by the site's metrics.

  2. What can I do to ensure my text links give me the maximum benefit?

    In order to glean maximum benefit from your text link ads, buy links that target search terms that make sense. What does this mean? It doesn't mean you should always target the biggest keyword in your industry, often times it makes more sense to target keywords that are within reach, convert a high percentage of search visits, and match the optimization strategy on your website. While increasing your overall link popularity has a tangible benefit for all keyword rankings, honing your targeted anchor texts effectively will give you faster, better results that will increase ROI and ensure your money makes a difference in your bottom line.

    Need help? Making sure that you are buying links and targeting terms that make sense is what our account managers do best. Give us a call today and your account manager will help you decide the best strategy, and can even help you ensure your site is optimized to allow your text links to work best for you.

  3. How are text link ads priced?

    Text links from are priced based on an evaluation of all available metrics for the website on which the link will appear. Among these metrics are (in no particular order) domain age, backlinks (as determined from Google and Yahoo!), indexed pages, internal and external links to and from the page, Alexa rank, link location, and others. Live Customer works with its publishers to set the price for ads based on our metric evaluation, but ultimately each publisher has final say over the pricing for ads on their site. Therefore prices for links even with similar metrics can vary widely.

  4. If one or more of a site's metrics change, does the price of my text link change too?

    No. While in some cases the price for a link on a given website will be lowered in order to bring it more in line with the market price for a site of its caliber, we do not guarantee price adjustments for links on sites that have a change in their metric numbers. If you feel that the price for one of your links should be adjusted, you may contact your account representative to discuss it or to find a suitable replacement.

  5. Once I place an order for a text link, how long will it take for my ad to go live?

    The average wait time for an ad to be placed is 1-3 business days, but the time for ad placement can vary. Many of our publishers use our placement code on their sites, in which case ads can be placed almost immediately. Others require time to accept and place the link manually, which in some cases can take up to a week (5 business days). However, your ad's period (30,60, 90 days etc) does not begin until the text link is live on the publishing website, so you will always receive the full paid duration regardless of how long it takes the ad to be placed.

  6. What are metrics?

    Metrics are the factors/values that enter into our evaluation of the relative strength or quality of a given website for text link ads. Examples of the metrics we use to judge websites for text link suitability are Alexa rank, backlinks, and indexed pages among others. See the below entries for more information:

  7. What is Alexa Rank?

    Alexa rank is an approximate estimate of a site's traffic as expressed through a ranking of all websites on the web visited by someone with an Alexa toolbar ( - with Rank 1 being the most visited website. It is not considered an accurate measure of a site's traffic, but is currently the only globally available metric for judging approximate web traffic.

  8. What are backlinks?

    "Backlinks" is the term used to describe the number of links pointing to the given website or webpage. This value is derived from the major search engines (primarily Google and Yahoo!) by typing link: operator (e.g. link: in a normal search. The numbers reflected by each search engine can vary dramatically, and while Live Customer chooses to display the information given by Google in its text link listings, we use both numbers as part of our evaluation of the relative strength of a given website.

  9. What are indexed pages?

    "Indexed Pages" reflects the number of pages being reported as indexed, scrolled, or included in Google. This value is derived by using the site: operator in Google (e.g. The number of indexed pages is not only an indication of the relative size of a website, but also of how deeply a site is crawled by Google – which in turn reflects somewhat on its strength for linking. Obviously, the more indexed pages a given website has the better.

  10. Where can I see extended metric information for sites in your inventory?

    When you request a custom proposal for text link ads from Live Customer, the excel spreadsheet you receive will not only include potential link pages with pricing information - it will also include the major metrics recorded for those sites in our last update (generally once per month). You can use that information to make decisions about which sites you would like to buy links on, and are free to gather any more information you like about those sites before you make your decision.

  11. How do I get a report of my links?

    Link reports for self-managed campaigns are available upon request by either emailing your account representative or customer support Monday through Friday. You can expect to receive your link report by the end of the next business day, but generally the same day. Your link report will include the locations of all of your links, as well as the pricing and renewal information for each order. If you want to change your links, or cancel any of your existing links, you need only indicate the desired changes on the spreadsheet or send an email to your account manager to do so.

  12. How do I change my text links?

    Changing your text links is easy. Just send an email to your account representative or our customer support with the changes you would like. If there are many requests, you can simply fill them out in an excel spreadsheet and send them over and we will take care of the changes right away. Keep in mind that, just like placing new ads, some sites take longer than others to update.

  13. What's the difference between content links and simple text links?

    While text link ads and content links both aim to do the same thing (boost link popularity), they each have their own role in doing so. Text link ads allow you to get ads on high quality sites and important pages, but with less relevance and little or no surrounding text to support the ad. Content links tend to be on weaker (by comparison) pages, but are placed in the middle of the page's content, which is written specifically to support your link (by making the content relevant and readable). Successful link campaigns make use of all different kinds of links, which is why Live Customer recommends you run your campaign through one of our experienced account managers, and start with one of our service bundles.

  14. Will my site be penalized by Google for the purchase or sale of text links?

    While we do not control Google or their actions, our experience has shown that sites that employ smart link campaigns that avoid obvious spam techniques and focus on a variety of link building strategies receive only positive results in Google and the other major search engines. Our services are legitimate and responsible forms of building link popularity that will help your site succeed. If you have concerns, speak with your account manager – they will let you know about all of the measures we take to ensure the safety of your site.

  15. Which metrics matter most when I buy text links?

    However many people you ask this question of, that's likely to be the number of different answers to will receive. Live Customer urges our clients to avoid judging links based on a single metric, but rather look at the 'whole picture' – a combination of all of a site's metrics – when making link decisions. Better yet, you can enlist your account manager's help and have an experienced professional making those decisions for you.

  16. What is a "relevant" link?

    Relevant links are those from sites that are related to your own. This does NOT mean that the sites have to be on exactly the same subject. For instance, if you have a site that sells drywall supplies, relevant links would include those from home improvement websites, contractor websites, etc. Think of relevancy as a tiered concept, with all related and child categories counted with some measure of relevance.

  17. Should I have only "relevant" links?

    The short answer is no. The long answer is that the best link profiles are those that look as natural as possible. Our link campaigns, utilizing all of the various types of links and ads we offer, seek to emulate a completely natural backlink profile whenever possible. If you post great and link-worthy content on your site, the likelihood of receiving only links from sites on the same subject as yours is very low. More likely is a situation where you will receive links from bloggers and sites of all kinds who find your content interesting, useful, or even humorous. Looking at it this way, getting links from only relevant sites would be counter-productive to building a natural link profile.

  18. How long can my anchor text be?

    Anchor text limits on text links can vary from site to site based on publisher preference, but our general guideline is 25-30 characters. You should expect that anchor texts longer than this will not be accepted except in special cases.

  19. Can I have a different anchor text for each link?

    Unless otherwise specified by the guidelines for a specific link package, you may have a different landing page and anchor text for each text link ad, content link, etc that you buy from

  20. How do I cancel text links from my account?

    To cancel text links you can simply send your account manager/representative specifying which links/orders you would like to discontinue. This must be done at least 7 days before the expiration of the links to avoid automatic renewal charges, which are processed one week before that expiration date. If you would like the links to be removed before the expiration of their period (with no refund), please specify that in your email, otherwise links will remain up until their full period is completed.