Advertising Links & Ad Campaigns
New strategies for classic ad campaigns & advertising links

Link building campaigns can take time to come to fruition, so for our clients we also offer classic ad campaigns to help bring in traffic and revenue while natural search efforts begin to work and rankings bring in traffic from organic search results. Ad campaigns, through either paid search or impression ads, give you a chance to test your site's conversion capacity right away. We'll advise you on a strategy to monitor the results from your ad campaign so you can see what products, services, and pages are catching consumer attention, and how they can be improved to convert more visitors to customers. As your link campaigns begin to deliver results, we'll help you cut back ad campaigns in areas where natural rankings replace the visibility of CPC or CPM ads.

Pay-Per-Click Campaigns, the most popular way for you to get instant exposure and an immediate influx of potential customers is through a paid search campaign. Live Customer can setup and manage a campaign for you from scratch, analyze and adjust a current campaign that is underperforming, or simply consult with you and show you how to improve it yourself. Our team has years of experience researching and choosing the right search terms, writing catchy ad text, and lowering costs for paid search campaigns in Google, Yahoo, MSN, other platforms, so take advantage of our experience and expertise.

Banner ads, transition ads, and other classic advertising channels are still extremely effective for exposure, branding, and of course, customer acquisition. Our team can help you construct a campaign that will perform better, achieving lower costs and more conversions. Our partnership with a content network larger than that of Google's will extend your reach to websites and users all over the web and allow your message to be displayed on sites your potential customers frequent.

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