Self-Managed Link Campaigns The do-it-yourself text link option.

Simply put, self-managed link campaigns are text link ad campaigns where you decide exactly which and how many links you want to buy, what their anchor text is, and have complete control over your entire campaign. For SEO professionals or experienced link builders, this gives you the ability to make adjustments as necessary, and to inspect every site on which your links are placed if you wish. Our support team will handle your requests for new links or changes to existing links in a timely manner, and send you reports of your links upon request. Our inventory is growing every day, so check back often for new sites.

  • Control your own budget and manage text link ad periods
  • Control your own links and anchor text
  • Buy text links based on your own criteria
  • Analyze your results and make changes as you see fit
  • Prepay your budget for 3 or 6 months for a discount of up to 15%

I would like to start my text link campaign and manage it myself: