Content Links Natural links from blog posts, resource articles, and presell pages

Our content links service is yet another method for you to build your link profile with text links pointed to your website. Unlike text link ads, content links are ads purchased and placed within the content of the site. No matter which form however, content ads can be another strong addition to you link campaign because they offer links within relevant content, links that look more natural and count as true "votes." We have a few options for content links, all of which provide valuable links:

Blog links are essentially front-page links that become permanently archived links. Blogs are unique from other websites because of their organization, and our blog link service can be used strategically to secure permanent page links from a variety of blogs. Our team can help you turn these links from forgotten or buried blog posts into powerful links to your deepest content.

Article links work like blog links, but are posted to popular article submission websites. The keyword-rich content is written by you or for you by our team, with embedded links to your website with targeted anchor text just like text link ads. Like other content links, the links are relevant and powerful because your links are alone on the page, and because in most cases, they are permanent.

Presell pages are essentially custom pages hosted on publisher websites - with fresh content and embedded links pointing to your website. Presell pages are extremely effective for the same reasons as other content links -- the content is relevant and the pages can be continually hosted to give you an aged link from a quality domain. Yours are the only external links on the page so you get all of the benefit.

Dedicated links and content designed to boost your rankings.