Monetize your site Earn easy money by hosting links and content.

The Live Customer publisher program allows site publishers to earn easy money by hosting one of our various ad types on their website. The process is simple, just apply and let us know what type(s) of ads you would like to serve on your site, and one of our account managers will contact you with an offer of how much each type of ad will net you each month. Prices vary on many factors and every site is unique, so fill out the form below and we will contact you right away!

Text links are the easiest way for you to earn money on your site. Simply install the script and watch ads appear on your site as our clients choose it from our text link ad inventory. If anyone ever said you couldn't make money while you're sleeping -- they were wrong! After the script is installed, you will receive a monthly payment for the ads that ran on your site for the month. You maintain editorial control by excluding types of ads you don't want, and sit back and make money every month.

If you have a blog or a site where you can post custom pages with dedicated content, you can host ads as part of our content links program. By either writing custom blog articles for our clients (with links embedded) or simply hosting a page of content for them, you get paid (either a one-time fee or ongoing for hosted pages). It's easy money with little hassle and can earn higher amounts than standard text links.

Make easy money from your site - become a Live Customer Publisher!